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If indeed, you forgot or lost your password, then it is recommended to contact our support by online chat or you can send a request to techsupport gsmserver. Where can I get firmware files for Octopus? Somemore this hp abit ‘gonggong’, can only do thing at a time and stop responding when meeting problem one, got to restart. Last updated on April 20th, If the phone does not connect, check the battery status. After you video reviewed and analyzed by development team, a decision will be made.

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Use of Information We use your personal information for the following purposes: I am trying to enter the login and password for boot-loader.

CASTELL Control switch KS

At this moment FRP unlock service is unavailable. It starts when Octopus is updated for the first time. Log data We collect information that your browser sends whenever you visit our website.

Unfortunately, in that case wrongly spent credits cannot be returned, because your request has been already processed by remote server and it is waiting for the completion of unlock procedure. In the request form you ls20 specify your Octopus Server Credits purchase order number, then we will able to help you restore or change your password. When Windows logo will be appeared, emergenyc “Read info” button.


If phone not detected info not read please repeat steps 1 – 3. Recommended to check the current status of the server here. Frequently Asked Question Q: Most of all, we value your privacy.

Now my phone reboots every time I power it on. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. While ordering, in the corresponding field, you need to specify all your current account details, and how many credits you lack.

Device was not unlocked. Set required drivers for this phone model. How to update my Octopus card emergenxy during the update are appeared the messages “Card not found” or “Card demaged”? Maybe this will help you. You can get technical support by sending e-mail emergenvy support octopusbox.

Power on the phone and disconnect the USB cable in case it is connected. How do I fix this?

Smart-Clip2 Pack 5 Activation. If the operation completes successfully, you can unlock the phone, read or write NVM and write firmware using the USB cable.

Download Mode LG K20 Plus TP260

Press the Unlock button. My previous Nokia doesn’t have a limit, was so used to keep keying in as many text as i like but now restricted to only alphabet, very troublesome to send out sms first and then continue to key in text in the new box again which the message is the continuation of the first one seriously i do not noe wad u r talking about Select “Back” to return to “Port Settings”.


Cookies Cookies are files with small amount of data, which may include an anonymous unique identifier. To do so, turn off the phone, press and hold Decrease Volume and Multitask key at the same time and then press the Power button.

Official thread for LG KS20 – Page –

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. If you did not buy them, then you need to make a purchase. You have to order the required amount of credits.

How do I switch a phone to Emergency Mode? Please note, that cables are the accessories and are not covered by warranty.

Anyone know how to get rid of the sms text limit in lg ks20?