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Information about the minimum amount of time, in which the pixels change from one color to another. The internal processing allows up to 1. The following table gives detailed information about the specs of the screen: The native mode delivered a white point closer to the k target though. We have deliberately not included luminance in this comparison since this is normally far too high by default on every screen. This retains the monitors full native gamut and would allow us access to the individual RGB channels.

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29.77″ Dell UltraSharp U3014 – Specifications

It worked as soon as I pushed a few buttons of the on-screen diagnostics to switch from DVI to Displayport. Anyone buying something like the U is going to need to have xell colors in any colorspace, and the Dell offers an sRGB mode as well.

As a side note, some users reported a “cross hatching” appearance on the 27″ UHM screen, where on very close inspection you could detect a small grid like effect as part of the coating. There was more overshoot on the new model in some transitions though due to an aggressive overdrive impulse.

In normal uses and games you’re unlikely to see any negative affects of it, and you’d probably want to switch to one of the other preset modes for normal day to day use anyway which don’t exhibit the same issue. This should allow us to give a good estimation of how much of the overall lag is attributable to the signal processing element on h3014 own.

Pixel density Information of the number of pixels in a unit of length. It retains its anti-glare properties to avoid unwanted reflections, but does not produce an overly grainy or dirty image that some AG coatings can. We had measured a pretty low average G2G cell time of 7.


We have deliberately not included luminance in this comparison since this is normally far too high by default on every screen. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Default setup of the U in the non-factory calibrated “standard” mode was reasonable really. There was a good range of ergonomic adjustments available which were all pretty easy and smooth to use.

Dell UltraSharp U Review & Rating |

Some people actually prefer the more saturated colours for things like gaming and movies, even if it’s at the cost of accuracy. There is a specific ‘paper’ preset mode available within the OSD menu which makes the image darker and more yellow.

If you follow our basic OSD adjustments from our calibration process and maybe also try our calibrated ICC profile you should be able to get a better setup, even without a colorimeter of your own. Considering it worked well on the UWM, without any of these limitations about locked brightness levels we are sure it must be possible for Dell to get it working. The CIE diagram on the left of the image confirms that the monitors colour gamut black triangle extends considerably beyond the sRGB colour space orange triangleespecially in green shades.

As we begin to measure more screens with the oscilloscope system we can begin to plot them on a graph like the above for easy comparison. That would also be a good device for use with other u3041 as well.

This is the one if you need bigger desktop space. Contrast Stability and Brightness. There was no obvious backlight bleeding at all to the naked eye u301 the uniformity looked very good, even in a darkened room. But I have very little to complain about given that these are the best priced branded panels today. The back of the screen is again a matte black plastic and is nicely rounded and enclosed well.


Dell U3014 LED LCD Monitor

The sensitivity works dwll in practice. We’ve also tried to capture the text at each resolution from close up but without zooming in on the text as we did in the interpolation image. Thankfully Dell have not cut corners and have kept some of the premium features from the old model as well with touch sensitive buttons, a wide colour gamut backlight, bit colour depth and even the integrated card reader.

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This article provides some more details and even talks about Quantum Dots, which Sony is starting to use on their TVs and you might see in a computer monitor at some point as well. This showed very low levels of blur and had minimal issue with overshoot.

Dell U 30″ Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor U B&H

You do need to be wary of the limitations of the hardware calibration feature which we talked about earlier however. The 50 Best iPad Games. General and Office Applications.

With the new LG.