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So in above program you can see I called captureScreenshot method three times like this you can create reusable actions in your script and you can use the same. Java I got this issue resolved. Jason Smiley 3 Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. The same can be done by using Selenium WebDriver.

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I have created a youtube video on same. Probably better to use [OpenQA.

Your focus should remain on the browser all the time, else takes snapshot of whatever is currently focused. Size; driver. Otherwise, there are just too many answers.

FirefoxDriver ; import org. Khaja Mohammed 3 Maybe a binary image rendered from javascript using canvas.

File ; import org. Here’s the github link for the same. But you can save as HTML. U can call it var1 if you wish. FileUtil is still showing as an error after updating the dependencies.


How to Take a Screenshot in Selenium

One is from the local browser, and one is from the remote browser. While we are executing the test cases manually we just take a screenshot and place in a result repository. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Java I could not get the accepted answer to work, but as per the current WebDriver documentationthe following worked fine for me with Java 7 on OS X ImageIO ; import java.

How to Capture Screenshot in Selenium Webdriver and Use in Reporting

Toggle Sliding Bar Area. But i am getting the below error. Java Using RemoteWebDriver, after augmenting the Node with screenshot capability, I would store the screenshot like so: File as File import org. By Onur Baskirt T Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? You can capture the image from windows using python web driver. Timeout to find Webelements on the web page. And is wbedriver setup code.


I also implemented screenshot on failure in my framework which makes my test more robust so I would recommend you to implement the same in your framework too. If we want to take screenshot after scrolling document. Arpan Buch 2 13 Hi Azeemuddin Shaik, Check this link.

How to Take a Screenshot in Selenium

So when using the coordinate location obtained by selenium on your image you’re pretty sure to run into a java. SilverColt 2 4. Thank you for your interest in this question. What language capturre this?