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Add misc entries bsc – blacklist. Clean error paths in add port bsc FATE Add a new thread access check bsc Fix init for multiple quirks for the same SoC bnc Best Regards, Jason Hu. Nevertheless, it did allow us to overwrite read-only huge pages. Local attackers on systems with modern CPUs featuring deep instruction pipelining could use code patterns in userspace to speculative executive code that would read otherwise read protected memory, an attack similar to CVE

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Force context lock during EEH flow bsc Hi Phil We have gotten this issue from a different customer in the past and we really couldn’t figure linix why on some windows 10 computers i worked while on some it didn’t. Articles on this Page showing articles to of Fix flags field on Control events bnc Enable TSO support bsc Is this value is ok for BQ? Fix scsi-mq lockdep issue bsc Fix skb list corruption on Power systems bnc Add bq275100 for fam17h microcode loading bsc Local attackers on systems with modern CPUs featuring deep instruction pipelining could use attacker controllable speculative execution over code patterns in the Linux Kernel to leak content lnux otherwise not readable memory in the same address space, allowing retrieval of passwords, cryptographic keys and other secrets.


Fix calculation of number of TX header descriptors bsc Add decryption and encryption key generation.

Do not shadow error values bnc Avoid that a cable pull can trigger a kernel crash bsc FATE Add an Indirect Branch Predictor barrier bsc Fix race condition during register bnc Clean up printks bsc Fix share type handling bnc PCIDE on supported systems bsc Fix potential out-of-bound access at parsing SU bsc We need to recognize and parse transformed packets in demultiplex thread to find a corresponsing mid and process it further. Clear prior settings when updating STEs bnc Fix compatible for ti81xx uarts for bnc Secure memory rfi flush bsc I am thinking if there is other ways to detect battery presence.

Fix NULL deref during property export bsc Do not rely on public mmc header to include leds.

Remove double pointer assigning bsc FATE Prevent false positives with turbo modes bnc Fix out-of-bound error bsc Decrypt and process small encrypted packets FATE For SMB3 it can be used to support encryption. Fix oops whem ppmu is not registered bsc Only select the required crypto modules FATE If your cell can support 2C but your system will only support 1C in its maximum current mode the maximum would be the 1C value.


Fix rs disablement on invalid ioctl bsc