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It has a low profiled hitting face that provides more concentration of hitting power on the sweet spot. Anyway, they look really nice Maxwell Curve cc 3 degrees closed Available Lofts: The composition of this high performance titanium alloy is not disclosed by the manufacturer for competition reasons. Custom Golf Club Fees. The face is beta titanium and mirror like. Finally the Bang Japan is available now for the North American market.

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Or you can have your clubs spined. Bang Golf Bang O Matic Bang Golf Refine Results. It will include a high quality headcover!

Bang-O-Matic Beta Titanium Driver 460cc Club, Used

High MOI because of the unique weight ports in the right places. Ritanium you are an accomplished player with very good control I believe you should stay away from longer than standard clubs. Grooves on a club face. Their surprising conclusion was that short irons give the same amount of spin to the ball whether or not they have grooves, and whether or not their faces are nang. Research some 40 or 50 years ago showed that there was little effect but still some with cc wooden drivers. However, I am familiar with non-conforming clubs.


The argument in favor of square grooves is that they give more “bite” on the ball. Loft, angle of approach, club head speed, ball compression, COR, kick point of a shaft, club path to the ball, height of a tee, ball placement etc. Great club for the money.

This allows the ball to have less drag and keeps the ball air born longer. About Bang Golf Shop the large inventory of golf equipment, including golf clubs!

Bang Big Bang Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 32 reviews –

Us mere mortals sure can us this slight advantage!! These clubs may bear some resemblance to one or more pro-line clubs, however, these clubs are not advertised, represented, or sold to be clones, copies, or imitations of any club other than the original manufacturer’s. The benefit is increased rebound effect for more distance. In the meantime, I even orient the shaft in putters that I am building new or re-shafting since I believe in the theory and technique.

The club just works!

It is a highly thought after titanium driver in Asia and has been copied by other companies in China and Korea. Just like it is the responsibility of the Touring Pro to make sure he has the correct amount of clubs in his bag on the first hole of a major tournament. bea


Big Big Bang cc Beta Titanium Driver – Bang Golf, Inc.

CALL or Email patriotgolf gmail. A question still exists on the short irons since I am not a good judge of this at this point in time – we’ll see. This is our original ‘Bad Boy’ golf club. Every company tries to stretch the limit By i in forum Left Hand Clubs Replies: For questions, comments and help, contact Bill at ; Titaniym at ; or E-Mail at billday infowest. So I look for square grooves in my own clubs.

Mellow Yellow Beta Titanium Driver. This unfortunately can not be obtained by lenghtening the shaft.

Patriot Golf

For the irons, I know that the long irons are definitely better. Results 1 to 19 of Try talking to a Long Driver who has miss hit a grooveless face driver and ask him where it has ended up?

It is easy to tell exactly where you hit a drive on the face.