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It is done to boost productivity and to bypass some possible limiting in the hardware. I think that from the point of view of the Russian user it not bad. For real people who’d like to pay as little real money as possible for their next video card, the GeForce2 MX looks like a little ripper, and the ASUS V series looks like a perfectly good implementation of the chipset. For comparison we have taken the results of the following cards: BioShock Infinite and Metro:

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I am not going to describe in detail this auss as the support TwinView will be entered in drivers only since version 6.

Going for big silly numbers by running good old Quake 2’s “demo2”, which is of a single player game without the serious polygon pushing that deathmatch requires, the MX delivered frames per second in 16 bit colour, by resolution.

Here I should remind you the following case. As we already repeatedly considered features of drivers from ASUS, today we shan’t analyse them in detail. That is agp-7100, in my opinion, the company will start the mass production of the cards with such a super-fast memory. DVC is enabled in color setting panel in display’s parameters.

Nine-tenths of that performance for two thirds of the price ain’t a bad deal at all. Nothing to say beside high quality and perfect speed in 2D-graphics. It is possible to conduct analogies with GeForce This makes a difference, but not as much of a one as you might think.


Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. However there is one very essential moment here. Possibilities on implementation FSAA effect anti-aliasing were not considered by me on purpose as this function takes a lot of productivity providing not so excellent result even on cards with GeForce2 GTS.


Certainly it is possible to speak about excessive saving of the corporation on one-dollar ventilators however tests have shown agp-g7100 the chip GeForce2 MX practically remains only warm after long intensive operation therefore it is quite enough to have such dissipater. The increase of productivity at bit depth of colour should not be expected because of so essential overclocked video memory. When in Clone mode, all applications are compatible. All cards from ASUS have a deep yellow colour and reference card is bright green.

Inspite of the fact that these asks are a bit costier than their competitors, they score a success.

Why is it so? Is it because of marketing reasons?

ASUS V7100/T GeForce2 MX

There are not enough users of screen monitors with DVI interface in Russia and all over the world therefore the only reasons of such price are availability on cards TV-out and the fact of release new cards which will make a competition to already available ones that will lead to the fall of the prices and it is the positive factor. Even if a graphic core is very much overclocked, the problem with transmission capacity of video memory still exists.


The “T” variant is going to be the middle-spec version; it’s got TV output as well as the standard video connector. We’ll look at it deeper when estimating speed results of the card. Higher resolutions, though, aren’t useful for most people.

ASUS V/T GeForce2 MX

Besides, there is a company that produces such cards without even a radiator. But in case of GeForce2 MX the drivers of 6. It is an absolute record among the GeForce2 MX cards!

Today we will consider a first of this series: However a couple of months ago the majority of vendors hesitated if to make cards on GeForce2 MX or not and if to make then who will buy them. I think that from the point of view of the Russian user it not bad. Write a comment below. At that time the card made a stunning impression not only by the fact that Leadtek disobeyed the head and overclocked the GPU, but also by a performance increase, especially in the overclocked mode.

However at common similarity they are completely different GPU.

The overclock’s worth the effort, I think, even if it doesn’t deliver a monstrous performance difference.