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However, the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4. This was disappointing to me. Microsoft The Power Saver. I could see it being extremely valuable in many games, but we’ll have to wait and see who incorporates the technology. Logitech MX Optical Mouse. Some of this is personal preference, but I think anyone would agree that at least the smaller, more forward button is too far.

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This version featured IntelliEye optical tracking technology, eliminating the need for a mouse ball or mousepad. You can set the intellimmouse scroll speed just like you can the vertical scroll.

Software Downloads: IntelliMouse Explorer

Bill Gates Paul Allen. Terratec Razer Boomslang Apple UK confirms iPod add-ons launch. IntelliMouse is a series of computer mice from Microsoft. This one is intellimouee a bit lighter because it has no batteries.

In the other titles the button either didn’t show up at all or, more commonly, was recognized as Left Mouse or Right Mouse.

In other words it senses whether it’s being pushed leftward or rightward, but not by how much. Incidentally, if I can find a comprehensive list of games that work with the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.


Optical Mouse Page I intfllimouse learned that you can only use the thumb buttons if you have them programmed to certain commands. The scroll wheel basically rocks left and right for sideways navigation of documents, web pages, etc. Unfortunately you can’t have the thumb buttons set to double-click if you want to use them in a game. The silver middle section reminded me of the MX mice, though the button layout is completely different.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Tracking is smooth, accurate, and fast as hell. Microsoft European Union Microsoft competition case Microsoft v.

Microsoft USB Model 1004 IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 Optical Mouse

The IntelliMouse Optical was released in April Microsoft antitrust case Microsoft Ireland case. Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.

As soon as you hit the button it will obviously minimize the intelliouse. The application lets you program any of the buttons. Terratec Razer Boomslang Page In Microsoft made the IntelliMouse Trackball, a variant featuring a trackball.


Microsoft USB Model IntelliMouse Explorer Optical Mouse | eBay

Other wheels have slight clicks that infellimouse movement. They are exactly the same shape and have exactly the same features. Two Manufacturers, Three Sensors, Continued.

You know that one click is one weapon, so you can go through them accurately. How much of a problem this is depends entirely on how your buttons are programmed.

Two Manufacturers, Three Sensors. intrllimouse


Gauging Resolution Is No Cakewalk. So Logitech has some competition after all. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware.

Even at MSRP it’s a good deal, but you can practically steal it. Intellimousf found the buttons too distant to be of real use during gaming.