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Downloading information from this Web site constitutes agreement with following terms and conditions. Click Default if you want to revert to the factory settings. Saving a Teletext Page Some Teletext pages include a number of subpages. Then to adjust the margin height or use width. Click Apply to save the new settings and click OK to exit the current dialog box.

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Click Cancel to abort settings. Then to adjust the margin height or use width. Then if you select Video Mixing Renderer again, you will be asked to restart the computer to re-enable Aero Effect.

You can also divide the recording files in proper sizes to facilitate burning onto removable optical media, avermeida as CD-R and DVD discs. Select the Switch Type and Input port number if you use a switch; otherwise, skip this step. The images may vary depending on the product and software version. Appendix Hot Keys The following is the default definition: For instance, if you specify 10 seconds, an image will be captured every 10 seconds.


In fast-forwarding playback xvermedia, Play button will be shown as Pause. Select Programs on the left pane. You can specify any image size you want. Home Home page Go the Teletext home page. Click the Advance icon. Please be noted that the functions or the remote control mentioned in e889 manual may vary depending on the product you purchase and the area you live.

This step is optional depending on the SmartCard you use. The avermecia are explained below: Adding a New Satellite If you do not find the satellite you need from the default Satellite Name list, you can add the desired satellite yourself.

Click the Add button. Satellite Internet Access Satellite Internet Access allows users to get faster connection to the internet via satellite.

When a dialog box appears, click New button.

Select the check box if you want to mute the audio when previewing channels, always start multi-channle preview in full screen, or always start multi-channel preview from the first channel.

To modify the preview cell numbers, please refer to avermedka section To modify the Multi-Channel Preview settings below. Switch to the channel of 3D source. Or change full screen back to normal view.


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aver,edia Click Browse and the Open dialog box appears. When a dialog box appears, select Overscan tab. Green — The system is receiving the Teletext broadcast data.

Click Apply to save the setting and click OK to exit the current dialog box. Click Apply to save the setting and click OK to exit the dialog box. On this page, you can choose the TV system from the drop-down aavermedia for different display information on the TV monitor.

Avermedia R Specifications |

To exit the current dialog box, click. When a dialog box appears, select Audio tab. Enabling Subtitle Function If your local broadcasters provide subtitle service, you avermedla view those texts.

It is recommended using this function to ensure smooth and clear video images. Dispose of batteries at special avedmedia points or return to point of sale if applies.